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Adorable / Kevin Johnson

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Kevin Johnson
Vocalist(s): Davide Budriesi
Writer(s): Davide Budriesi, Clara Moroni
Producer(s): Laurent Gelmetti Newfield
Label(s): Delta Music Industry



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You are the one that I'm loving
The only one that I want
The one is able to make me feel like this

But when the sun up in the sky will set down
And when you'll feeling sad and blue don't wear a frown
'Cause I'll be standing at your side
Make you feeling that I love you 'cause you are

Adorable, adorable
Don't change your way to love me after all
I can die in your arms tonight
I can stop loving you

Adorable, adorable
Your love is rouring like a waterfall
I will dive in your arms tonight
No matter what you do

You are the one that I'm needing
The only one that I love
The only I feel really deep into my heart