A Neverending Night

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A Neverending Night / Mickey B.

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Mickey B.
Vocalist(s): Michela Capurro
Writer(s): Alkogan, Evelin Malferrari, Michela Capurro, Riccardo Majorana
Producer(s): Alkogan
Label(s): A-Beat C



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When the rain's falling down on me
(I) need an angel inside my heart
Taking care of me
Taking care of my desire
Then set me free

I wanna catch you now
This is a neverending night
Give me the sun
(I'll) give you my love
Come into my life

Tell me why now the moon is crying
So tell me why
And you'll be mine
Forever you, please don't say goodbye
I feel alive
With you everyday

When the music is part of me
You can see the light in my eyes
Like a shining star
Fly with your imagination
Into my sky