A Glory Day

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A Glory Day / Mike West

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Mike West
Vocalist(s): Giordano Gambogi
Writer(s): Giordano Gambogi, Sergio Dall'Ora
Producer(s): Giacomo Maiolini, Sergio Dall'Ora
Label(s): Time Records



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All I can see is you
From the deep inside my heart
Oh baby want you show me you can be
My lady

Love is forever
We can be together
Just take all the fever a love inside my heart
I just can't stand here without you

A glory day oh oh
Now that you're here now you'll be mine
Do you understand the meaning of my love
Glory day oh oh
Come on and make me feel so fine
You're the reason of my life my glory day

Come on and let me know
All the secrets of your love
My darling my sweet baby you're the one
I need you