A Bit of Eurobeat

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A Bit of Eurobeat / Manuel

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Manuel
Vocalist(s): Manuel Caramori
Writer(s): Manuel Caramori
Producer(s): Mancar
Label(s): Go Go's Music




It's been a hard day The energy is over
I need to recharge myself
And guess how, baby?
Enjoyin' the beat
And taking' some power
From the sound of this melody

You're foolin' around
I love when you tease me
Dancin' in the livin' room
Please never stop
I'm having a ball
And this music takes me higher

I can't get enough of this magic feelin'
When the bassdrum is pumpin'
Faster than my heartbeat
And all the lead synths Are fillin' my mind
You know
Everyday I just need...

"A bit of eurobeat", oh yeah!
It makes me feel so good, baby!
Come one! I just wanna dance
In the end I'm gonna lose myself
"A bit of eurobeat", right now!
And I want it, much more loud...
There's no other way to make my day
Without listening eurobeat!!!

I'm gonna drive with you on the highway
Go with the flow, and no destination
Enjoyin' the speed
And listenin' the songs
From the new compilation
Your lovely face is fillin' my mind
And I feel like out of time
Let's scream together
Life is so crazy
At least tonight, baby!