79 (song)

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79 / Stephy Martin

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Stephy Martin
Vocalist(s): Stefania Martin
Writer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio
Producer(s): Dimamusic Co. Ltd.
Label(s): Dima Music




I never gonna let you go away
I wanna fly alone now and everyday
Don't wanna play the game illusion into my mind

You make me feel so fine on saturday night
Forever you can get to know music and light
Together we can't stop stop now,
Stop the rhythm tonight
We can dance all together now

Keep my heart to "79"
Don't stop the music! I wanna be there
Let me dream and fly far away
I will know, I will go...
Don't let me be so crazy

Keep my heart to "79"
This is a number, it's like a fever
Let me show, you're the rest of my life
You will know, you will go
"79" forever!!

I never gonna take my heart away
I wanna be your lover everyday
I don't wanna lose control illusion in my mind