The Jungle Is on Fire

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The Jungle Is on Fire / J-Stark

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: J-Stark
Vocalist(s): Luca Torchiani
Writer(s): Matteo Rizzi, Maurizio Capaldi, Luca Torchiani
Producer(s): Maurizio Capaldi, Silvio Moretti
Label(s): Delta Music Industry



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The force inside is ready
Slip away and go
Where you can feel to be the only one

No way to find a reason
Nothing lasts tonight
And I know
You will be the man beyond this time

Hello, reload
Across the future leave the worst behind and now
Come on, with me
We are screaming so loud

Hey, when the jungle is on fire
All the animals survive
To reclaim the freedom
Keep your town alive
It's around
When the jungle is on fire
All the rules are falling down
To create a new place
Now you're life is coming out

Belong our human nature
It's our destiny
But you can have the key to what you need

No signs to take the right way
Nothing to realize
Here we go
So many worlds to be surprised