Give a Stop to Mind Burnouts

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Give a Stop to Mind Burnouts / Pimky

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Pimky
Vocalist(s): Francesca Salaris
Writer(s): Roberto Festari, Roberto Gabrielli
Producer(s): Roberto Festari, Roberto Gabrielli, Clara Moroni
Label(s): Delta Music Industry




Don't you feel your fantasies
Burning in your mind, burning in your dreams?
Make me see the right way
Just to come into your brain

Now I see you and like you dress
Take it easy
Don't give up the love I felt
For you baby
Let your lips do call my name
Now and ever
Never leave me out of your doors

Give a stop to mind burnouts
You're close to me but I want you back
Let me stay just one more time
I feel the need of your heart

Give a stop to mind burnouts
I need a way for bringing you back
Give a chance to our lives
Please, never give up to fight

Let your only fantasies
Help to fill your mind with some magic dreams
Let me be the right way
Every little part of day